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A neutral tasting, medium chain triglycerides (MCT) based powder, containing a blend of carbohydrate and protein.


What is MCTprocal®?

MCTprocal is a MCT-based powder and contains a blend of carbohydrate and protein. MCTprocal has been specifically made to provide ease and convenience when adding MCT to the diet. It can be used as part of a ketogenic diet to make a variety of delicious meals, snacks and drinks.


Who is MCTprocal for?

It is for use in a medical ketogenic diet from 3 years of age.


Why has MCTprocal been prescribed?

MCTprocal has been prescribed to help you or your child follow the ketogenic diet by providing a source of MCT.

It is important that the ketogenic diet is followed correctly and under the guidance of your healthcare team.


How much MCTprocal will be required?

The ketogenic diet is tailored to meet individual nutrition needs.  Your healthcare team will determine how much MCTprocal is needed each day.

Over time the diet may need to be adjusted. Your healthcare team will work closely with you if any changes to the diet are required.


How to use

Add MCTprocal to appropriate foods or drinks and stir until powder is dissolved. MCTprocal can be used in cooking and baking. 

Not suitable for addition to fruit juice.


What to do next

Be sure to check with your healthcare professional before making changes to the diet.


MCTprocal is for use in the dietary management of conditions requiring MCT.

Allergens: contains milk. Not for use as a sole source of nutrition. NOTE: each packet contains 3.3 g carbohydrate.